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    I guess WebOs is more for dogs
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    My cat has never liked my Pre either. Once knocking it into a sink of water and also a few times batting it off my table when I wasn't looking.

    Vader is a great name for your cat. I can't blame your cat for being a little annoyed. Since there is no zoom, you practically have to hold it right in front of their face. My cat has a clear no objects near face rule.
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    Cats plain just don't like us humans, lol.
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    Lol, that was funny. He/She was like "Get that out of my face".

    I'm going to see how my cat reacts...
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    Little Jerry reacts to 1.4 update. As unphased as owner. Keep cat vs. 1.4 vids coming.

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    I guess WebOs is more for dogs
    I "speak" cat (though I really don't like them, we've learned to communicate), and Vadar said that he didn't mind the Pre, but he was ticked that you didn't close the curtains, making the video so washed out, no one could see his whiskers. He's proud of them.

    Oh, and he also said you should change your socks more, he doesn't like the way your feet smell.
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    Maybe someone needs to come up with a patch that does cat facial recognition and disables video recording if the cat requests it.

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