First let me start out by saying that I have been a member of the Palm community since the handspring monochrome device days. I see passion in this community that is unmatched for other manufactures with the exception of Apple.

This is more or less an educational piece for people who bash Palm's competitors as if they have nothing to be thankful for, so here it goes.

Palm has based it's WebOS on Webkit for it's browser and interface rendering. Using Webkit was a fantastic idea because it supports W3 web standards, is small, and very fast.

The origins of Webkit:

Webkit started as an open source KDE project called KHTML, and later forked by Apple. Apple and the KDE group at one point called the project a complete disaster because Apple was failing to submit the changes, and when they did they were very poorly documented. However, their relationship is a whole lot better now. In fact, today Webkit is developed by thousands of individuals and companies, and is used by multiple mobile and desktop operating systems. I think we all should credit Apple for the vast improvements on the code that made the rendering engine what it is today. Without Apple, KHTML would still be a project requiring hundreds of thousands of man hours to make it standards compliant and usable as the browser engine it is today. Mobile web browsing would be terribly slow and inefficient, and because of that factor alone Webos would probably not exist. In fact, had Apple not pushed the limits of mobile computing we would probably still be stuck in the days of the Razor (yes, PalmOS was dying even before the Moto Razor came out)

This community is not alone when it comes to the need of understanding it's roots, but I find it's the most active in blindly bashing it's competitors. We should be thankful for the entire open source community, it's brought us great things in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Webos rocks!