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    Any update on a app or patch that will allow us to use our Pre as a voice recorder?
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $SDK$ $still$ $doesn$'$t$ $provide$ $access$ $to$ $the$ $mic$, $so$ $no$ $one$ $can$ $yet$ $develop$ $that$ $sort$ $of$ $app$. $I$'$m$ $hoping$ $Palm$ $will$ $release$ $a$ $new$ $SDK$ $on$ $the$ $heels$ $of$ $1$.$4$ $to$ $add$ $this$ ... $since$ $we$ $now$ $have$ $video$ $recording$ $and$ $that$ $includes$ $sound$. $Either$ $that$ $or$ $maybe$ $the$ $PDK$ $will$ $include$ $it$.

    This is still the main thing I'm looking forward to. I'm usually really patient for new features, but it's pretty odd that you can't access the mic on a *phone* fer goodness sake!
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    You already can. The video recording update to the camera works as an audio recorder as well. Just never mind the pics you get.
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    +1, looking for a callrec type of app for recording 30-60 min talks
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    Just out of curiosity - Since we get sound recording with the new video recorder portion of the camera app, I wonder if there is something in there that someone could leverage? Unless it's useless because it's being exported as the video/audio file together rather than a single audio? Just a thought.
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    Whenever I need something like this - a audio memo to myself or something - I just call my Google Voice number, leave myself voicemail, which Google Voice even transcribes for me (though not all that well - they need to work on that).
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    Well, looks like still no mic API in the 1.4 SDK (new front page article). Arghh!! Keep our fingers crossed for the PDK release in March.
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    Before OS 1.4, there was a homebrew video recording app that had in the preferences menu options to select the type of recording. Besides mp4 and mpg, you could also select mp3 audio-only (...or maybe it was aac). I don't think I actually tried it (the audio-only selection), but ,assuming it was there for a good reason, the developer of that app may already have our answer.
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