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    My alarm went off this morning, but with no sound. Not all.
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    I have been using my pre for an alarm clock since first day I got it back in June. It has never failed me once and is always spot on. After the 1.4 update it is business as usual, right on time and when I lift my pre off of my TS in the morning to shut the alarm off the screen automatically unlocks.
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    pressing the center button will snooze the alarm also.
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    I have two alarms. One to wake me up in the morning and another alarm in the evening. The morning alarm always works, but the evening alarm has yet to activate once since "upgrading" to 1.4.
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    Since the 1.4 update, my alarm that is set for weekdays at 6am has not worked. For whatever reason, sometime in the evening the time gets changed from 6am to 12am, and the alarm toggle is flipped to "off". This morning I completely deleted the alarm and have now re-entered it. We'll see if this fixes the issue. (Needless to say this glitch ****es me off, royaly, because I'm already paranoid about sleeping through my alarm -- having to be fearful of whether it's going to sound, at all, is ridiculous.)
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    Same here. My existing 2 alarms just kept turning themselves off
    and resetting to some generic time like 11:00 am or 12:00.
    I erased both, and created new last night, and finally got the alarm
    to go off this morning at the proper time.

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    im having a problem with my alarms not going off. i have one alarm set for 6 am and one set for 7:10. i turned them off and on night before last and they went off fine yesterday morning. Then this morning comes around and they dont go off what so ever.... i also checked to make sure they were on and set to the right time and yes they are set correctly.
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    Try removing them and re-creating from scratch.

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    welcome to my world of crazy clocks. I just had my pre replaced through insurance last week and this one does it too. Alarms randomly change times to go off, at least I get the notification on screen bottom when they do. (took it to sprint for that and they wanted nothing to do with it, or didn't believe me, told me to turn into ins. Because she had some war scars.)

    but this morning my pre got me good, the battery died last night cuz I forgot to plug it in. ( I use a real alarm clock now because of the random changing times). So I hop in my car, plug it in and start my commute, well I never really cared about the boot time for my phone cuz I am pretty patient.
    well I just wanted to share that tid bit with all of you, i'm laughin now, but I'm cranky in the morning so I was mfing the 1.4 update for that. Seeing how it would normally just skipp missed alarms on 1.3.5.
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    I was setting an alarm clock that had recently gone off to a new time. I got a shadow time clock that wouldn't change or allow me to move the time selection on the second area. The second time slot was the one I had put in there and it dropped it down and still allowed me to change the 13:40 clock setting though not the 13:35 setting. Has anyone else had this problem?


    P.s. I've attached a screen shot of what I got.
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    I have never had to unlock my phone since I've had it in December to dismiss an alarm. Even when it's not charging, I still don't have to unlock it.

    anyways the problem with my pre... Is that it completely didn't go off and has yet to go off since this monday. I ended up late for work because of it. I have yet to try to create new ones but I guess that's my only solution right now.
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    How do you not have to unlock your phone when the alarm goes off? I always have to unlock my phone to snooze or dismiss the alarm...

    Also, from time to time, my alarm settings would all reset except one... very annoying since I would have to go back in an recreate it all again... is this a common problem? will palm fix it?
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    I posted a thread on a similar replies. I didn't see this thread in a search.

    However, I think maybe my problem is that my pre now must be unlocked prior to selecting a button. I must be so out of it @ 3 in the morning that I didn't notice. I don't believe the lock screen showed up, because I could see the buttons. Read about this issue in other threads (lock screen issues--had them at first reboot fixed)...

    ...Sounds like I need a visit to the doc :-(

    op: thanks for posting...helped me figure out what I need to do to fix my random issue.
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    I have never had to unlock my phone to snooze or dismiss while my phone is charging but after the update I had to unlock.
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    ive noticed that after any doctor or update you have to turn alarms off and back on in order to make them work again!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    That wasn't the issue here. The alarms were turning themselves off.
    Ever since I deleted them and re-created from scratch, my alarms
    have been working properly.

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    I made a thread earlier about similar issue with my alarm. Seems to have gone off a minute early.

    I also made a post on the Palm forums. Alarm went off multiple times this morning - Palm Support Community
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    does anyone have the following problem?

    I had set my alarm at 11:55 PM on the Pre (v1.4 now) and when it rang, i pushed snooze, and then it never rang again, even though the alarm was still on. This has happened every time and i was sure to push snooze. 1.4 broke it. It used to work fine.

    Quite annoying when you wake up way later on your own knowing you were going to only snooze 10 minutes.
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    eh...i think once i get my pre plus i'm going to use my then useless centro as an alarm clock. have NEVER had a problem with that one and these issues are concerning...
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    My alarm went off this morning, but with no sound. Not all.
    Mine has been doing the same thing. Or now, it'll not go off at all and it'll say "Tomorrow" as the day is supposed to go off. I have always had my alarms set to weekdays so there shouldn't be a reason it skips days.
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