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    Weird thing is happening. I don't even touch my volume buttons. I've already set them, and have no need to touch them.

    That being said I notice that sometime when I'm writing a text message or doing something on the web...the volume level tab will pop up and the level will shoot back and forth between low and high very rapidly. It takes anywhere from a few seconds, to a full minute for it to stop.

    Does anyone know what might be going on? I hope it's not a 1.4 thing, or something happening with one of the so-called "1.4 ready" patches.
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    Check out the "issues" thread, it is happening to a lot of people - including me. Volume display changes between speaker and music notes and bars fluxuate. Sprint Pre - no mods.
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    I have this issue and it was before 1.4 update. Sometimes on the sounds page I could move the slider up to full and it would slide back down as soon as I let go. This happened after I dropped some water on it so assumed that caised the problem but seems like a few other people are experincing this and maybe that was just a coincidence.
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    its happening to me since 1.4 and there's already other threads on this matter...try and reply over there

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    I'm having the same issue - it started with the 1.4 upgrade for me as well.

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