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    I've got about 50 patches installed but Ilm not updating the OS again without removing them cos it's suicide. What's the quickest way to remove them all in one go and them back them up again? Can it be done in some sort of safe way?
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    Anyone cares to point me to the correct link with step to step instructions on how to update to OS 1.4 because the forum search is useless and during the last update I made a mess with the patches. Ta very much
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    in preware or webosquickinstall and install "emergency patch removal tool' this removes all your patches at once
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    Thanks. And to get them back I guess it's one by one, eh?
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    It is now called the "Emergench Recovery Tool" but it still removes all of your patches. If you have updated all of your patches with version webOSQI 3.02 everything should be fine. I updated my 30+ patches without any problems.
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    It's no longer 'suicide' to leave your patches on for an update. The new patches (providing you updated Preware and all patches to the new AUPT versions. I didn't remove any and had no issues with the 1.4 update.
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    what's AUPT?

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