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    I am so frustrated. i have a pre for sprint, it has the latest software version updated yesterday, i also have a nonfunctional preware and packagemanager installed to my pre which is where my problem is. time and time again i find myself with a ton of time wasted jumping to links that dont work, im not an *****. i got preware to work when it first came out. ever since all of the updates ive been lost trying to find the latest this or that. i just want preware to work. thats it. somebody please send me a no nonsense list of steps and links of how to get rid of my crappy preware, and intall a working one. i really appreciate it. thank you in advance for all of your hardwork.
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    1. Get webos quickinstall
    2. Uninstall preware and package manager through WOSQI
    3. Reset your phone
    4. Resinstall preware and package manager service through WOSQI
    5. Celebrate?

    Let us know if this works
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    ok, how about the most recent link for the first one and instructions on the second. and then yes. much celebrating will occur.
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    The latest webos quick install download instructions, hope it solves your problem.
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    you need to update the webos quick install and webos doctor, before you get preware properly working...... Once you get the updates, turn on the devmode luncher (upup, down down, left right, left right bastart), and start the process. First of all, uninstall the one you have on the phone (uncheck preware and package manager service).... Remember to turn off the devmode luncher after you uninstall preware and the package. Repeat the process to install preware back, open webQI, press the down arrow, get the feet all, check preware and package MS., press download and install.... That's all (remember to leave the phone in the just charging mode, and turn on the devmode before installing, once is on turn off the devmode)
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    you guys rock, thank you so much.

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