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    Courtesy of NuttyBunny.

    I used the WebOS Meta-Doctor, and a 1.4 Sprint rom spliced with the from Bell. It works great so far!

    Yes, I'm impatient.
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    Congrats! Is sprint nav working?
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    I didn't install any of the Sprint applications - Google maps suffices for me. I also didn't pack in the Sprint.tar to my Bell rom, since I didn't want all those custom applications there either.

    Maybe someone else can let you know later down the road.
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    can you share the file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blatherdrift View Post
    can you share the file?
    Palm - webOS Doctor for Palm Pre for Sprint
    Sprint|Samsung Epic
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    nooo the spliced one. It's okay though. I think I built one myself. Not sure.
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    Uploading a spliced one isn't a good idea, you would be violating the license agreement with Palm. The instructions provided for the GSM Telcel 1.4 splice work for Bell/Sprint splicing just ignore the references to wr.tar.

    I've just finished doctoring my Bell Pre with the sprint 1.4 splice. I prepared the doctor on my Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 system but for whatever reason the doctor wouldn't run properly on there so I used a Windows 7 64bit to actually perform the doctoring.
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    Yeah, I can't upload the file myself, it's against Palm's agreement. But it's easy enough to do. I do suggest using Ubuntu (any linux distro), or Mac though, since Cygwin can be quite picky.

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