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    I had about 32 pic in the icon folder and i don't know how it got there, now there only 1 . So i guess they deleted it. Did any one else get this on there phone? Maybe it got some picture from an app. (pic of snoopy, Dilbert,clowns)
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    LOL!...I have this in mine too!
    I was wondering how in the world it got it there, but the best thing to do is leave it there since you didnt put it in there. You dont want to end up screwing something up and not being able to fix with, you know..
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    Do you have the comic strip app? That seems to be the consensus answer about the appearance of the icons in the photos.
    Anyways I have the app and had the icons too..
    Try opening up the app and then rebooting, the icons disappeared after I did this.
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    It is from the comics app.

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