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    JUST my two cents but two things that palm needs to do in the next update .
    1 as easy WEBOS is to use why did they not put the data but with the bluetooth/wifi dropdown menu (and yeah i got the patch ) but still..
    2. also need to have an option to turn the accelerometer OFF or at least turn it off when bluetooth is on ..reason being i have the moto h9-SD's (great i might add) i use them while i work and i do notice an occasional cut of the audio, its usually when i move. I have read reviews on headsets (hd's included) and people say they cant use them when they run /jog outside becuase of audio cutting out , so it got me thinking could it be becuase of the accelerometer being on and sensing movement ? or is it just "bluetooth" in general? and could anyone test this theory?
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