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    Ok, I LOVE my pre. Absaloutley. But.. It's too big for me. Simple as that. I had a Palm Centro b4 this. I just want a smaller version! I'm currently in school, so if I want to text in class it's hard for me to pull out this huge clunker, and push it up (loud noise) and start texting. (Without looking btw, :P) Pixi, right? But I can't deal without having Wifi, or 3D gamin. I need both! So, I wanna get a Pixi. I'm actually considering buying a 2nd line, and having both phones. Is it possible to have them both with the same #? Or do I have to like go online or something to switch them? If so, does it take forever? And can I do it from my phone? Thanks for all your help,
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    If you are on Sprint it takes probably around 5 mins to switch phones online. I haven't tried doing it with the phone browser but It should work. All you need is the IMEI of your device.

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