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    i was playing around with the video camera last night and like the picture camera on the pre, it is very dependent on light. i had prior knowledge of the LED flashlight app and downloaded it to realize its as bright as a small moon. anyways i tried leaving the flashlight app open while opening the video camera to see if i can record in the dark, the LED shuts off when you open up any app, but i wondered if there was any possible way to patch it so the light stays on? just a thought, would be pretty cool and set itself from any video recorders on phones
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    this patch already exists
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    So, what is the patch called?
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    search for the thread video recording with patch its there
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    Don't you just hate when you think you've come up with some grand idea only to realize you're a day late and a dollar short? The story of my life~!

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    pretty much, since 1.4 was fairly knew i figured i'd give it a shot. but alas "theres a patch for that"

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