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    You stated that you installed both at the same time. It has been my experience that you should install Package Manger first and then reboot before you install Preware.
    Tried it; did not work for me. Nice try though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PDBaby View Post
    Unforunetly after some troubles with some patch that would not be deleted or fixed I had to do the webOS doctor on my Pre. Everything went well and after all I installed the webos 1.4 update. So Iget the latest version of webos quick install 3.02 and try to get preware and the package manager service on my Pre. Everything went well with no errors. Obviously I downladed and installed them both at the same time and restarted the phone and everything. Now all I get when I try to open Preware from my Pre is "The package manager service is not running. DId you remeber to install it? If you did, first try restarting Preware, then try rebooting your phone and not launchig Preware until you have a stable network connection available."

    I tried all of this and I get the same error. Please help
    Try and see if you can install anything from the official app catalog. I had this issue and found that I couldn't download or install anything at no matter the source. I had to do a erase data and apps and then resign into my palm profile. Then reinstalled preware and everything worked as it should.
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    same issue with me
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    how did you re signed in your palm profile?
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