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    I like the new vibe.
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    I do not get notified of important messages in a timely manner because of Palm's crappy implementation of vibration.

    Why doesn't Palm make it longer, and therefore more useful???

    Guess: the phone's build quality is so horrible, the phone would probably shake apart if vibration was longer.

    It's actually quite ridiculous that we're even discussing this topic. Are the people at Palm completely brainless? How can you have a notification system that FAILS to notify the user?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lenmac08 View Post
    The patch will also cause people on the other line to "hear" the vibration everytime you receive a new text message while talking on the phone. If you can deal with that, then it's a good patch.
    Yes, I learned that the hard way...
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    if you feel anything needs to be changed here is palms feedback address i found Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA
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    =P If you use AIM or something like that or SMS a conversation then its super annoying to have the phone vibrate constantly. The little bursts are just enough to grab my attention.

    This is a battery saving thing, too.

    shut up before you ruin a good thing =(
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    My problem is not so much with the short vibrate when a sms comes in its the freezing that happens when I get an SMS and basically vibrates for 30 seconds until it unsticks itself. Wish I could explain that =(
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    Thanks, I've submitted my feedback
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