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    Help a guy thats down and out on his luck..
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    What's so harsh about it?
    It's nothing but the truth.
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    The inquirer has gone downhill since they were bought recently. All their real insiders left and started their own sites and now they just regurgitate other sites info.
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    ok how do you gamble on a os update.... stupid article
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    Yeah, nothing but facts there. Where's the harsh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    ... It's nothing but the truth.
    The iPhone was an "also ran" ... really?

    If this was true for the Pre while missing just video, then this was doubly true for the iPhone missing both video AND cut & paste until June of last year.
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    Wow. What a terrible article. Again with the iphone comparisons. 1st gen device vs 3rd-4th gen device. This is tired and the article assumes that the 1.4 update was pulled out from one week to the next? OS updates are the standard with WebOS. How is it gambling on an OS update that has probably been scheduled for quite some time?

    Article states nothing about the real problem, the poor HW & marketing (or lack thereof).
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