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    i just realized how unbelievably SICK it would be if i could listen to pandora stations and stuff in the car. how can i do this? any ideas? ill buy whatever i have to. obviously ill need a car charger thats fine. but how do i get the pandora to play in the car?
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    Car charger, FM transmitter.
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    does your car radio have a auxiliary input? if not you will need a fm transmitter
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    well if you dont have a 3.5 mm jack to plug into ,you can buy a device that plugs into your cig. lighter and then into your pre . then set your radio station to the same as the transmitter that plugs into your lighter and then whamm your got pandora and you can listen to phone calls over the stereo speakers as well.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    1- Buy aux cord.
    2- Plug one end into ur phone.
    3- Plug the other end into car radio.
    4- Set car radio to "aux".
    5- Startup Pandora.
    6- Enjoy.
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    or if it has a tape deck you can use a cassette tape adapter
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    I use Grooveshark, Pandora and Radiolive in the car all the time.
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    These people have solutions, maybe there is one in here for you. I purchase a setup that connects my ipod and other devices to my car's stereo via the CD changer jack at the rear the stereo unit. Check it out, maybe it can help.

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    a lot of new car stereos have aux inputs right on the face ( I saw a sony today for $79), and some stock radios have adapters you can buy for aux input
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    You can also use a bluetooth solution. I use the MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth® In-Car Speakerphone. Works well with phone calls and with playing music. The device finds a clear station, tells you which station to tune to, then you are set. Start your music.
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    awesomeeeeee thanks thats everything i needed. perfect.
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    awesomeeeeee thanks thats everything i needed. perfect.

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