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    after using DR to fix the browser issue, i reinstalled Preware, but i cannot get the feeds for Preware. As soon as i open it, an error appears that says "The Package Manager Service is not running. Did you remember to install it? if you did......"

    if i click OK, it opens Preware, but nothing is available.

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    so i am the only person having this problem. f'n great!
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    yes i have the same problem
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    I have this issue too. I am going to try installing Package Manager Service and Preware manually through WebOSQuickInstall and see if that fixes it.
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    Make sure you have the lastest version of WebOs QuickInstall(can't remember ver number) & WebOs Doctor(which you should if you already dotored your Pre).

    Download the latest versions of "Package Manager" & "Preware" from the homebrew catalog here on PreCentral.

    Using WebOs QuickInstall install the package manager 1st.

    Let Luna reset then install Preware and reset your Pre.

    See if that works for ya.

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