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    I download the update and my battery seems to drain more than it did before. Pulled it off the charger last night at 7pm and by 9am it was down to 26% and only had a few texts or emails.

    Then put on the charger this morning and got to 89% and figured take my shower and by the time I got out, it would be fully charged. Instead it went to 86%, then 85%. I left it on the charger and did some running around and when I got back around noon, it was at 100%.

    Now, at 7pm,. it is already down to 50% with a few texts and emails and 1 phone call.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
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    sounds like your USB cable is dying.
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    idk man I've been having the same problem. I left my house around 12 and went to a baby shower. after a few txts and some pics and 2 (1 minute videos) I had 67% which I think is alil too fast. In about 2 hrs it dropped to much

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