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    Quote Originally Posted by Impulsebuyer View Post
    I have it too, never noticed that before, kinda annoying once you start seeing it more and more ..
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    Me too, but it scrolls a little faster and hasn't been a problem.
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    It was worst before 1.4! Not too noticable if you're on Wifi. If I'm on EvDO, it's pixalated black/white until it completes downloading the rest of the page. But 1.4 is much faster...!!!
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    it doesn bother just happy with the speed moving forward.....
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    FYI the checkerboard isn't really a glitch, just the normal image while any browser is rendering a page. I came from a HTC Touch Pro with Windows, which means the checkerboard became an acquired taste for everyday surfing, even with the latest versions of Opera Mobile. This is something webOS really impressed me with when I first got the Pre, but it seems like the rendering speed has slowed just a bit since 1.4.
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    what I am seeing isn't the normal rendering. It plain gets stuck in checkerboard mode and I have to flick up and down to snap the phone out of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by gollyzila View Post
    I usually get the background of the webpage. For example, Precentral forums load up but a portion of the forums are covered by the green background. I have to zoom in to clear it up.
    I just noticed it this morning.... Kind of annoying, is there a reason for it, or is it going to be the OS's bug to be patched I wonder.... 1.4.1 maybe?
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