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    Prior to 1.4, I uninstalled all the patches....and of course the cool Camaro theme I had.....

    After was great or so I on Preware, right away it gave me an error message when I went to get the Camaro theme back. I thought "okay"....maybe I'll try a different one. I found one entitled "The Ultimate Pre Theme"... It downloaded fine and I love it! HOWEVER......

    Tried to run Preware yesterday...

    The following symptoms are now occurring:

    PREWARE would not load..... It kept just kept saying "downloading feeds"

    - eventually the phone just froze......
    - when I was able to get rid of Preware, the phone just started acting goofy. The launcher button would not work, holding down the power button would not bring up the options to shutdown or restart.
    - and then....... the good ol "Too many cards" "critical memory" message popped up. The phone would not even let me tap "OK" to acknowledge the erro message. I ended up having to pop out the battery to restart the phone.
    - after restart, the phone started acting normal again. I decided to get ballsy and hit the PREWARE again.... same stuff started happening again.....this time the phone power started intermittenly powering off by itself...(but no reset)
    - had to pop the battery once acting normally again, BUT...

    - checked the device info..... phone had 6.0 gigabytes memory left after the 1.4 install.... but I checked it today.....WHOA!!! I'm at 3.9 gigabytes now!! ***??? I have not loaded anything extra or different!

    Sorry this was long winded, but I wanted everyone to know the symptoms.. I have a friend in Florida who is experiencing the exact same symptoms!! I feel bad now for turning her onto Preware....


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    Yo buddy. This seems to be a common issue right now. I've posted fixes in two threads now that I got from someone on this forum. It will fix your issue.

    I'm pretty sure it will help you. Post if it does.
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    uninstall and reinstall preware through webos quick install...make sure you uninstall and reinstall package manager service at the same time.
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    PalmNSH - A huge thanks to you!!!! That did the trick......

    I appreciate you taking the time to post the link a THIRD time because my impatient attempt for a solution!!!

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