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    I installed 1.4 yesterday and I was playing around with the video editing today and i'm not getting the option to upload to facebook? My contacts are synced with my facebook account as they have always been. Also, when i try to log-in to from the web browswer, I can't log in. I am 100% putting in my correct name and password as it is letting me log-on on friendsbook and on my computer!

    Please help!
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    I also don't see any option to upload to facebook. I only see upload to YouTube, share via email, share via MMS.
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    you have to upload to youtube and then it gives you the option to upload link to Facebook....
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    had the same problem. you must have FACEBOOK for Palm installed on your pre. you can find this in preware. you then have to login with your whole email not just your user name. not quit sure what is up, but this was the only way i could get the upload to facebook to work.
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    I was able to upload direct to Fb. Do you have the Palm Facebook app installed?

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