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    Here's my Issue,

    If i press the back arrow sometimes it goes all the way back to my bookmarks
    So then i swipe instead and it will work.

    Then sometimes I swipe and it will take me all the way back to my bookmarks so then i will press the arrow back, I don't get it, Which one does what, Is the Palm Pre to stupid to remember my last page?

    Thanks in advance

    Greg from Toronto Canada not running 1.4.
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    I did a search for "Back Button" + "browser" and this is all I came up with. I have been having the same problem, but just didn't care until now. Is there a fix for this or at least an explanation. Sometime I think I'm just crazy since sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. Hmmm.....maybe I AM crazy!
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    guess it depends on where you start.

    don't know if this is related, but I used to confuse myself by 'bookmarking' to a location - and then when I reversed, I end up at the web launch opening page - of bookmarks.

    I have a tendency to bookmark or launch threads, forgot I came in on a bookmark, then when I reverse - thinking I will end up at the main forum screen - I end up at the book mark page.
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    I've gotten that a few times too. It's sporadic though. It seems to me that it happens when the phone memory is low.
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    I believe Tarhead might be on to something....that sounds like what I'm doing.
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    i also agree i think it's when memory is low it goes back to bookmarks,

    Really i just see it happening when i'm on the website for FACEBOOK, on a real computer every single click to a new page you can reverse it, but with the Pre, if i click on home, Then Live, then Inbox, then click back or swipe back it will go to bookmarks, I'm thinking the browser doesn't recognize pressing them because it doesn't really send you to a new page it just updates the news feed and inbox within the same page.

    not sure if i made sense, I tried my best, this isn't a huge deal for me it's just one click that i have to do to get myself back to where i was, lol.

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