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    hello community whenever I open up preware it doesn't upload the feeds but goes to the main page just doesn't let me see updates/available packages
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    mine is stuck on 'downloading feed information, I wanna make sure all my patches are updated before the 1.4 dl
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    I think the problem is just that so many people are logging on to patch that the server is overloaded, just keep trying and you should get on.
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    you have to reinstall the package ipk it gets erased in the udate
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    I keep freezing @ the downloading feeds. I mean freeze up. Can't reset or power down. I had to remove the battery. Do I need to reinstall preware from the webos quickinstall?
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    just reinstall preware. i had the same issue
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    That's what I was thinking. Stuck @ work though can't use webos quickinstall. Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow. The strange thing is that I was able to update a patch and after the restart I can't do anything with preware. Thanks for the help. I will try again in the morning.
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    Mine is freezing at the point of "Downloading Feed Information" (wheel still spinning) where it says...

    At this point it just says the same thing and just keeps spinning. Any help would be great!!!
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    AHA!!!!! Found the fix!!! Here it is, quoted from another thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    I expect you have 0.9.26 or earlier, and did not update to 0.9.27 or 0.9.28 before 1.4

    You can either use WebOS Quick install to update to 0.9.28, or disable all feeds except the webos-internals feed, and tap the screen continuously while preware is downloading the feeds. Then update to 0.9.28, tapping the screen during the install too.

    -- Rod

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