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    Read this article. If people believe these things.

    10 Ways Palm Could Make a Comeback in the Mobile World - Mobile and Wireless from eWeek

    Whats your thoughts on these?
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    Hi Brian,

    This has been covered ad nauseum in these forums. If you do a search, you will find multiple rich threads on this topic and reading for a good hour or two.

    The problem with the eweek article is that he is not informed enough on Palm, he hasn't kept up with the latest developments in the software, for instance and I'm not even sure if he's ever used the phone.
    Writing a story on Palm might have been a great topic idea suggested by his editor in view of the recent news, but there are other writers who have done a better, more informed job.
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    Ah, the article shows todays date. Sorry for the repeat.
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    The article became a fail for me when I read his third point. He said that Iphone apps can be easily ported to Android. Uh, no they can't. For some reason the author writes about the app porting problem but leaves out any mention of the PDK which enables developers of Iphone apps to port their apps to WebOs without any problem. I do agree with point 9. But then again everyone and their moms know that Palm's advertising stinks and they need to do a better marketing campaign. Now only if Palm had 100 million for a campaign, ala Verizon's Droid campaign.
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    #9 marketing
    is the biggest thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BrianHal View Post
    Whats your thoughts on these?
    I think the repetitive, endless speculation about palm's eminent demise gets pretty nauseating. This has been going on for 7 years now and Palm is still alive and well. I'm not sure who is worse, the people who write these inaccurate articles or the people who post links to these wild speculations.
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    Hey! 2010 join date: If the amount something has been covered makes you nauseus don't put your own bile on it. Just move along.

    Reply's will take care of the natural order of threads and sort out certain posts just on ranking alone.

    Enough of the whiny "you should've searched for this" elitism.


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