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    I have just got a Pre of my friend yesterday who wanted some cash it's locked to O2 network UK which is fine as I have an O2 sim. Last night I did a hard delete and when the phone boots up for installation I get language set up English > UK and then I get the timer icon constantly and SOS calls only, thats as far as I can get.

    I have tried reset with the orange button symbol + R which works and resets but I still get suck on the setting language.

    I have downloaded webOS Doc but it fails to find the phone (OSX Mac PPC) So there is no way I can do anything, any ideas and help please.
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    If your Pre is not recognised then look into thread :

    ...which will then point you to: How To Recover - WebOS Internals which contains steps that will put the Pre into bootloader recovery mode and should allow the PC to recognize your device and proceed with the restore.

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