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    ok so I finally started to mess with preware and patches. I installed 3 patches: % battery meter, download youtibe videos, and open to alarm list.

    I downloaded jstop and "killed" all apps running except for the launcher and ui. Also, I downloaded luna manager. That's when the random reboots started to happen. I have since removed luna manager, but still rebooting after waking the phone from idle.

    this is why I stayed away from patches and all of the advanced features so far...for fear of screwing something up!

    does anyone have any insight into why my phone continues to reboot? Thanks.
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    Mine is doing the same thing, but it isn't from the Luna. The only thing you and I have in common is the battery meter, but I've had that turned on for months and just started having the rebooting problem Thursday. (Just prior to update.) So not sure what is going on. Maybe an update to the batter meter patch is causing the problem.
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    you guys might want to get the webos 1.4 Dr and just start with a nice clean 1.4 and then go from there. Its on the front precentral page if you want to go that route.
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    so if I doctor my pre do I have to back up my contacts, pics, etc.? Also will my contacts lose their pics? And which apps and information within those apps will I lose? Just worried about how much I have to back up.
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    I don't know that a doctor's visit will work. The phone is newly doctored already. I did a swap just before 1.4 came out. It was a used phone my cousin was using. I doctored his and then loaded my profile on it. So it was a clean doctored phone just 24 hours before I noticed the rebooting.
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    @ prepopscience...good to know before going through all of that trouble.
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    enzie, I was just reading another post about it appearing to be a luna restart instead of a full reboot, and they said it was happening when he tried to unlock the phone. That fits my description perfectly. Yours too?
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    prepopscience that's exactly it! And you're right, not a full reboot but a luna restart. Again this started to happen after I installed luna manager. So who knows :/

    since then I've taken luna manager off of my phone so we'll see!
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    I don't have luna manager and my phone has restarted twice today on it's own.
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    I'm also having reboot problem since installing 1.4. I'll DR it tonight and see if I can figure out whats causing it, if I find anything I'll post when I do. One thing I have noticed is that the screen seems to freeze right before rebooting.. IE I drag the unlock icon up, icon stops moving, stays frozen in middle of the screen, and then phone reboots showing flashing palm icon.
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    Just noticed two reboots this afternoon myself and looking for a pattern/reason/something-to-blame.
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    The folks in the webosinternals chat room on IRC are identifying some memory leaks in luna in 1.4. I am hoping Palm will jump on this and get 1.4.1 out quickly.
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    I've had 4 random reboots today. No patches or preware installed.
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    I had a few reboots yesterday as well. They appeared to be Luna restarts immediately after turning on and unlocking the screen.
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    Same here. More random reboots than usual since update. Never patched, doctored, p-wared, or abused. Well, other than that time I accidentally slept on top of it all night. I didn't know what I was doing, I swear.
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    ya I have the same problem and I doctored my phone twice with doctor w 1.4.0
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    I'm having the same problem. It started after I updated yesterday, so I did a fresh doctor today and it still does it. When I press the power button to wake it up, it doesn't respond for a few seconds. Then the screen comes on and it goes to the Palm logo and reboots.
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    I am also having this problem. When I wake my phone, the screen just stays off, and about 10 sec later, the phone does a luna restart.

    This happened once yesterday, and once today. Both happened after 1.4 update.

    I do have patches installed, like 25 of them. I do not have luna manager.

    I have battery as % icon installed though. Too many to list, just wanted to list the few the OP stated.
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    I am getting randomm luna restarts too
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    I just got done chatting with Palm support about this. They had me do a partial erase. Not sure if this fixed the rebooting problem yet though.
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