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    I'm about to switch to Sprint to get my first Pre. Super excited. Anyway, it looks like it's $80 (free activation) at RadioShack vs. $150 (free activation) at a Sprint Store. I'm curious whether you guys think there's any reason to buy it at the Sprint Store. Also, do you know if the hardware protection plan is the same? Any info would be much appreciated.
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    no reason to go to sprint to shop around...check best buy mobile, amazon, and too.

    as far as the hardware protection, you can either get the one the individual stores offer (ie bestbuy protection plan) or get the one through sprint (no matter where you buy the phone). The one through sprint is a $7/month plan for any phone bought in the last 30 days. It is insurance though, so it's up to you on if you want to get it. I personally don't have it for my phone and had to have my phone replaced once already by sprint. Didn't have any problems with them replacing it.
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    I don't know about the no activation fee because they usually charge you that no matter what. But i would avoid buying it in a sprint store their is no use. If anything you can get it from sprint online for $50.00. But Radioshack and BestBuy are probably the ways to go. But you should not buy their insurance. Instead get the sprint insurance that is 7 dollars monthly. With the RadioShack insurance I know you can get a new phone if its covered under the warranty but thats only if its covered. I worked there and any type of screen crack or water damage will not be covered. Stolen or lost phones will not be covered either. The sprint warranty covers all of those except water damage.
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    I got mine the day of release at Radio Shack, and recently ported my girls number with a BBerry to my account there too. Radio Shack does instant rebates, that's why their prices are much cheaper(plus some of their extra discounts). They might charge activation fees, depending on the current promos they offer. The Sprint service they offer is exactly the same as an official Sprint store, and it has to be for them to carry the "Sprint" name. The SPRINT insurance plan you add on to your monthly service($7/month) is the one I use, because it's from Sprint. I don't know how Radio Shack's own hardware insurance works. The same goes for other stores like BestBuy and Walmart, as stated by kkumar99.

    Hope that helps.
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    Steer clear of Radio Shacks protection plan. You will be without a phone for atleast a week if not more. Depending on the store they won't exchange them they simply send them out to a 3rd party which then exchanges them. They only work M-F and shipping takes 2-3 days, 5 days to process, and 2-3 days to ship back if the store will not do instore exchange (like I said it all depends on the store).
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    about the activation fee you normally can tell sprint it was a special offer and the activation is canceled worked for me everytime and no there isnt a reason to get it in a sprint store i never did u put the seven dollar eqiument protection on later call sprint costumer service and tell them u wanna ad it on in case the phone breaks for anyreason its a good idea on a pre because its a great phone but the hardware sometimes dies or the software its just how it is with high advanced stuff. so dont put a bestbuy or radioshack protection plan on it. always take the sprint one i am on my 4 and tmw 5th pre and i get it exchange for free since it isnt a damage i cost but only because i have the protection plan. like software damage after webos 1.4 my phone isnt working so replaced for free. so to make it short. u dont need to get ur phone in a sprint store u can get it everywhere and put the sprint 7 dollar pretection plan on it and sprint will exchange the phone if it breaks. u get the same costumer service when u buy the phone somewhere else then when u buy it at shack bestbuy and co. just dont listen to them when they say u only can do it over us the exchange and repaire its a bunch of.... i work in the cellphone business they just try u to stick with there service and exchange policies. just buy your phone where ever but get everything like plan changes phone exchanges and everything over sprint directly its better.
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    Got my first one the second week at Sprint store. They have been a great help along the way. I would give them a 9.5/10 for knowing the ins and out of the product and service.
    Got my wive one Febuary 14th at The Shack (called that now) and they were ok. I would rate them 4/10. They seemed a little lost. But then again I was taking the old number form an LG Lotus and porting it to a New Pre and then porting a home number to the LG.
    I went to The Shack since the only money I had to spend out of pocket was the 79.99. Did not have to worry about the rebate.
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    If you want the radioshack price but actually want someone that specializes in just the cell phone department, then go to Sams club, the cell phone kiosk there is run by radioshack employees who specialize only in cell phones.
    And to get the free activation all you have to say is that your a member of a credit union and you get free activation and 10% off your bill each month. Not bad imo
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    Thanks for the advice everyone. I just picked it up at RadioShack. Downloading 1.4 now...
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    the phone at radio shack is only 4 gigs its still sprint service your just getting it at radioshack

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