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    I personally believe that the Pixi is a better phone for former BB users.
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    Thank you for your quick response! I'm convinced to go with the pre plus. I was concerned with spending 150 on the pre not knowing anything about it. I look at my husband's droid and say to myself, that phone was definitely worth what we paid because it does so much. I want to make sure I'm going to feel that way with the pre.
    After owning every phone Palm ever made, I thought I'd have to give in and get a Droid. Not a bad phone, but it's rigid ties to Google for mail and contacts gave me some concern. I'm so glad I gave Palm a chance to deliver the Pre on Verizon... it exceeded my expectations.

    I spent lots of time with both, and I have to say that the Pre Plus is a fantastic phone. The Droid and the Pre both have some unique widgets, but the Pre wins for stuff I care about.

    I think you will LOVE the Pre Plus. Just keep your charger handy and spring for an extended-life battery from

    I got a 2600MAh battery so I could work without constant charging - and I couldn't be happier. I also think that the thicker battery makes it easier to type on, and I don't mind the extra thicknes.
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    if you use the pre mostly for calls and text, you can easily put the phone in 2g mode and extend ur battery life.

    also, I love the speaker phone mode with the touchstone. I use it in my car and it's very convenient.
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