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    After the 1.4 update, i just get a blank screen when I open email. In preferences and accounts, there are no accounts. When I try to add an account with name and pw, it just spins indefinitely. Anybody else have this problem? I did not see any threads on it.
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    My email was working perfectly this morning afyer the update...however, this afternoon, I am having the same issue as you...any suggestions?
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    Does anybody else have this problem? The Dr. Fixed and restored the accounts (from Palm Profile) but they went away when I installed Preware and some patches. Calendar works.
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    I had this problem yesterday also. I did the "Erase Apps and Data" option and had to restore from my Palm Profile. I am not sure what triggered the issue. I do have patches installed but am not sure if that or something else caused the problem. I have since loaded my patches back on and have not have any more problems.
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    The Dr. Worked for me, but came right back when I loaded Preware and patches back on. I did it all at once, so I couldn't see who the culprit was. It seems like there are only a few of us with this problem.
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    My wife (Pixi), a friend (Pre) and I (Pre) are all having the same problem.

    All email and email accounts are gone (gmail, exchange,...). Cannot add account back...won't get past the "signing in" screen.
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    I am having the same problem as wilderf.
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    I started a poll at

    If you are (or are not) having problems, could you answer the poll question?
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    Well it is not universal as my email works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmhanson View Post
    Well it is not universal as my email works fine.

    But what difference is causing this problem?

    What I find strange is that my Google calendar and Google contacts work fine...
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    My father in laws pre is having the same issue
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    Kind of same issue. I have to keep adding the account. It is there, but I have to add it. Happens about once a day???
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    After doctoring the Pre I was able to restore my email accounts. Last night I decided to add in my patches one at a time to see if I could isolate the problem. I started and ended with Preware. Just adding Preware eliminated my emails. I am about to go to the email thread to see if those guys responded to my post. I'l let you know if they have an answer.

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