So I went to the Sprint store in Beckley, WV today to get my wife's number changed. After she pulled out the Pre, the worker said along the line of "Oh no, a Pre" and said it would probably have problems with a number change. They said they had a lot of complaints about the Pre not being great, and I stated that they probably did not know how to use it.
Needless to say, her phone worked as it did before the number change... Perfectly fine. I can't believe that they bad mouthed the Pre so much... Wouldn't even give me an answer about what people didn't like about the Pre. I have to say it is the best phone on Sprint right now... I do like the Moment and Hero, and the Tour, but I feel the Pre is just better overall. I've never been so protective over a phone!!! I used to be Windows Mobile all the way (Touch Pro was my last), but now I am die hard Palm!!!