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    Use DVDShrink first to rip a backup copy of your movie to a TS_Video folder, then use Handbrake to create a copy for your Pre. This definitely creates the best looking copies I've used (and I've used nearly all of the above)...this is best for a the more advanced user because you do have to read the directions for DVDShrink in order to use it properly.
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    question for Heth since you use XMedia. I just downloaded this and I apparently don't have something set right, because I'm getting just a pixel on the screen here and there (even in the preview section) and just a hint of audio (it cuts in and out).

    Can you help me with settings? I tried the 'help' feature and nothing...
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    dunno why but I can't get any of these free programs to rip a successful copy to the Pre, and they usually take hours encoding ...
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    Anydvd and clonedvd2 by slysoft is the best to get the dvd to your hard drive. Anydvd runs in the background and will decrypt the dvd almost instantly. Then I would use their anydvd mobile software to convert it for your pre. A little on the pricey side for all three but well worth it with quick updates when ever a new dvd encryption comes out.
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    Ok, Biff, question: Handbrake is scanning the dvd right now and I notice in the activity window that I see 'could not get a decoded picture' alot thru the scan. Is there a setting that is off? I didn't change any settings when I downloaded it, just started it up and started trying to rip.
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    The ones I can live without are AnyDVD & TMPGEnc 4.0 worth the investment IMO.
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    Strange how no one has mentioned DVD FAB. With the DVD to Mobile plug in you can rip a DVD directly to mobile version and control the resolution, bit rate, frames/sec, audio type and you can even increase the volume output. DVD FAB is also updated almost weekly. You can run it on automatic but with the ability to adjust so much if you want, it allows you to make the file smaller. And we all know about memory space on the Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toasterthegamer View Post
    Check out FREE Backup Solution for your DVD movies!

    then just convert the files into a mp4 so the pre can use them..

    DVDShrink is awesome!!!!!
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    For those who have Magic DVD, which option do you choose to select for the device format?? Mines does not have a palm pre option. Should I select ipod, or zen, etc??
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    I'm using DVD Shrink and Handbrake - works like a charm, although Handbrake is a little slow. I just take my laptop to work and have it decoding and copying while I'm working.
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