View Poll Results: How did your pre webOS 1.4 install?

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  • With Patches still installed / Install went perfect!

    52 44.44%
  • Without patches installed / Install went perfect!

    45 38.46%
  • With patches still installed / Had problems

    13 11.11%
  • Without patches installed / Had problems

    7 5.98%
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    Just a curiousity poll since we had one similar to it before 1.4 came out... let's see if people changed their minds when it came out...


    My Pre install went awesome, WITH Patches still installed! (Thanks precentral!) so much easier!!
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    I installed with patches and don't have any problems. Well my preware won't get past the downloading feeds part.
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    No problems here, all went smooth on all 3 of the Pre's in my household.

    Mine was the only one running patches, the wifes & daughters are stock other than a few apps from both Preware & PalmApp catalogs.

    Call me one of the lucky ones, but I haven't had a single issue with downloading & installing any of the updates so far.
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    For the last update, I tapped update not meaning to and it did install fine with the patches. So I figured that this time with APUT I would give my full trust. And yup. Seems like everything has updated perfect.
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    I only had a few issues getting preware to play nice. It didn't want to reinstall my patches post 1.4 but I did it manually and everything is now running amazing. No problems here.
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    I had removed all but four of my patches, the WebOSQI recognized my new version, updated the patches and put a place holder for the one not yet avail in 1.4. No issues so far. Since the Dial Pad lay out is different now, I guess they are going to have to update the themer for that. I need pink to go along with my hello kitty!!
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    No problems here. I left about 15 patches on for the update. While I was downloading and installing the update, I caught up with all the threads on PreCentral (and yes, I read them all). When I read that people were having problems with the call duration in log patch, I removed that patch manually and then used the update function in Preware to update the rest at once. Because I updated at 5 am CST on Saturday morning, I didn't have a lot of competition for the servers.
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    Thanks all for the replies so far... looks to be even up right now 50/50. Installed or not installed with just a few problems
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    With Patches still installed / Install went perfect!

    I'm having quite a few post problems though. Bad battery drain + freezing. My messaging plugins are still installed though, need to do a bit of tweaking and testing. However, the install went just fine!
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    I left all my patches on. I don't do the themes so didn't need to remove that. Only problem I had was with the brower and my online banking website, but turning off javascipt fixed that.
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    This was the worst update experience for me, by far. Ultimately I think I'm in the same place I would have been if I had uninstalled all of my patches, but the uncertainty was killing me.
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    Curious if anyone else had issues.. or installed with patches still installed?!?!?! =)
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    Mine was on an unmodded OS. I didn't do any patching until 1.4 came out, didn't feel like doing the work just to do most of it over a week later. Update was fine, no problems with apps from the Palm store, no problems yet.
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    My update to 1.4 with Preware and 30 plus patches went great, followed the simple instructions posted by the Preware developers, had complete faith that everything would go as planned and it did. Love all of the improvements that came in 1.4. My Pre is really becoming an amazing device.
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    I installed without any patches and firstly the update failed so had to redownload. Then i was having problems so had to doctor to 1.3.5 and then tp 1.4 and now works perfectly
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    I kept patches on, and updated. Everything went fine.
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    Title says it all. Download and install went fine, then it got stuck on the re-boot.

    Pulled the battery after leaving it for 10min after boot started. Everything is fine.

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    Left all patches on - about 30 or so - no issues at all with the update.

    Re-patching took a little while longer than I originally thought, but that was not a flaw of the AUPT, just the server overload with everyone trying to update everything at the same time. Something I don't blame the folks at Internals about at all. More donations will mean more bandwidth for next update.
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