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    every time i come to visit my parents i have no network connection. they have wifi so i try to connect to that so i can surf the web and stuff. now i always have wifi on anytime its available. i never have a problem connecting to wifi, except here. cannot connect to the wifi here and we cant figure it out. also my phone acts real screwy. is this because i have no network connection?
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    What kind of wireless do your parents have? A? B? G? WEP? WPA? WPA2?

    What kind of encryption? TKIP? AES? RADIUS?

    My experience is that the Palm Pre connects consistently and well with WPA/WPA2 with either TKIP or AES. I have not tried it with Radius and would not try it with WEP. I don't know if type A wireless is supported.
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    i would also check the router to see if there is a Mac Address filter on the router. This would be set to intentionally block other devices from connecting....
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