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    If palm keeps updates like this up, they will sell alot more phones. I have been using the phone today and its faster, smoother and alot more refined.......
    Os feels like the code has been cleaned up alot.

    Now they just need to make a Palm desktop app to sync contacts and musics and they will enter a new league....
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    ifeel that
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    I agree,no complaints here.
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    hopefully this will stay that way. With 1.3.5 The phone always had a knack for working great up until I was gonna show it off to my friend. :O but it's been working so well now with 1.4 that I don't see that being an issue any longer.
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    webOS 1.3.5 : webOS 1.4 = leopard : snow leopard
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    sync your contacts to google or yahoo. No need for a app.
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    The transition animations seem to be much smoother. I wonder if they enabled a few CSS transitions AKA enabled GPU for the UI in a few places.

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