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    I ran an upgrade to webos 1.4 on my Palm Pre and unfortunately ended up getting palm logo on it. I let it run for 30 minutes before taking out the battery. I put back the battery and re-started the Pre. It hung again with palm logo without any glowing for 2 hours.

    I downloaded O2 version of WebOS doctor 1.4. I suppose it is for GSM Pre.

    The WebOS Doctor stuck with a screen "Connect your phone directly to your computer with your USB cable.." with the Next button dimmed all the time although my Pre is well connected to my PC.

    There was a prompt for installing a Sprint driver for the usb device. I wonder if I should install this driver or not.

    Is there an easy way to get my Pre up and running again? Help, pls.
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    I managed to get my Pre recognized by WebOS Doctor by following the steps below:

    1. Pull the battery. Plug into power supply and push the volume up button.
    2. A qustion mark will show up (?).
    3. While holding the volume up button, insert the battery. NOW the USB symbol will show and the WEBos Doctor program will find the phone, and re-install the system files and clear all EPROM memory.

    The WebOS Doctor ran very smoothly afterwards. My Pre rebooted and voilą I am presented with language selections.

    Well, what an experiece. Maybe I should have uninstalled all the patches before attemting to upgrade to 1.4 over the air.

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