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    I reverted back to and now whenever trying to connect to WebOSQI i qeep getting the "Required Component Missing" message. When I press yes and then OK to DL/install now. Nothing happens. Any suggestions?? Ive never had problems with WebOSQI before so I really have no idea what to do.
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    nobodys got any suggestions?
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    it may not be relevant but for what reason did you revert/downgrade?
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    Well its irrelevant now because I doctored, re-DL/installed 1.4, Deleted and DLed again both WebOSQI and doctor and I'm having the same issue. The specific error that Im getting is this:

    Tweaking requires both GNU Patch and Lsdiff installed to function. One or both of these are missing from your device. Would you like to download and install them now?

    Pressing yes brings up the message:

    This may take up to a minute to complete, so please be patient. Click 'OK' to begin.

    after pressing OK I get the confirmation message that everything has been installed but when I try to go to tweaks again the whole cycle begins again only this time when I press Ok...nothing i just get dumped back to the WebOSQI home screen.

    Is there a way to manually install the components that Im missing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I cant deal with this 3x3 anymore!!
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    Have you tried installing them form preware, I know the GNU patch is definately there.
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    preware's giving me an error too

    The Package Manager Service is not running....

    Im become extremely discouraged
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    this is what you do.
    go to WebosQI
    go to options
    click re-install novacomm
    after it is done click the blue arrow for the feeds (under the plus and minus sign)
    go to webos internalz feed for pre
    find gnu and lsdiff
    click download
    click install
    then you'll be fine
    (id also reinstall preware and the package manager)
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    ha thanks man I was just coming here to post that I found the answer here

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