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    Quote Originally Posted by Tcub View Post
    A) I'm not into sports. B) I know people who are very into sports. C) No thanks, I like living..

    In fact, avid sports fans are so intimidating, I'll sit through an Ohio State game, drink, cheer, and act disappoint with family and friends just so they don't get upset with me..
    Lol, you would hate football at my folks house. I'm a football fan from way back but my parents scare me. They scream at the TV like it's gonna listen.

    I'm a "jerk" by nature and I like to argue. It's nothing personal against anyone. If someone get's playful in an argument or debate, I do the same.
    I don't get usually get playful but I have to admit I like a good argument. Sometimes I find myself playing devils advocate even when I completely agree. It's in my nature, I've been called the nicest a**hole you'll ever meet by more than a few people.
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    first of @pioneer I like ur pick detroit red wings all the way. But hey guys just let that fellaw he just tried to let us know something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ratchetjaw View Post
    Okay this is my last post on this mess. If I he just wanted a discussion he would have said oh didn't know it was already posted (not after editting) and moved on. If the professed loved the Pre and the bad news could deter why keep repeating as bad news travels twice as fast as good news.

    Done with the topic start 50 more threads I really don't care. Have a great day I gonna go compare the video capture of my Pre to my other phones (see I am not a fan boy :-) )
    or you could just not b*tch, either way works.

    As far as marketing the update, not market it on TV, but investors will see your company is moving along, your trying, etc, having fans that are on the biggest palm website upset because of missing features does not help the situation at all, it is all about perception, if investors and customers see that palm is moving forward at a good pace, they will keep investing, if customers/investors think palm is full of crap, they will sell their stock and abandon them.

    Apple for instance, attempts to make headlines, they tell you about the update, and they eventually tell you when they will release the update (major updates), they make it a big deal, it is in the media.

    I dont necessarily think you should not brag about or talk about new features just because your phone should have already had it.

    At the end of the day, I think palm with people from apples marketing team would be better off than they are now, with the palm marketing team (if there even is one) lol
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    Lots of stories about Palm's demise. Nothing new there. Palm was supposed to have died years ago (it didn't).

    Sales are not what Wall Street hoped for. Well, sales of everything is down. With 10%+ unemployment, you can only expect a depressed market.

    Palm has the best OS and is working very hard to keep it the best.

    Don't count Palm out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrxdrunkie View Post
    At the end of the day, I think palm with people from apples marketing team would be better off than they are now, with the palm marketing team (if there even is one) lol

    You could sh!t in a box and Apples marketing team could sell it. That's what Apple does better than anyone else, marketing.
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