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    We are so on the same page, i hesitated and finally bought at 15.
    Price targets of $20 and acquisition talk has kept me holding but now at close to 7 it doesn't look good. I may just dump it for a 60% loss or just hold out and hope Nokia takes them over...
    i haven't looked much into palm stock, but a few comments / questions:
    1- never buy based on price targets. if it were that easy, everyone would be rich. you have to do your own research and analysis.
    2- why did you like the stock at $15?
    - has a lot changed with the company / market?
    - if not, you should REALLY like it at $7.
    3- why did you like it at $15, but not at $7, now that palm is finally available on the #1 carrier in the us, and soon on the #2?
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    i just got my pre this month, and i all i hear is doom and gloom, i am so glad i have another update in a year with my current family plan. a year gives them time to impress me before i move on to something that i know has staying power. Apple may be bringing the iphone to verizon this year.
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    I think people should stop reading bad news and start focusing on making things better. This is the main reason stocks fall and the public goes into a downward spiral. I say lets help palm make the phone successful and show the world of "doubters" that things can turn for the better even with a company that is low on funds.
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    Why do people even take these articles seriously? It's obvious these writers do not know anything about Palm aside from the stock dropping. I mean if you really pay attention to the article you will notice these writers state:

    "The device also had the backing of Google Inc. because it runs on its Android operating system."

    Andriod operating system, Seriously?! These guys do not even know it's a Web OS phone!
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