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    So I have Preware Installed and it's downloading all of the feeds just fine, but I can't install any patches. Any ideas?
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    I cant even get preware to load right after 1.4. I am very irritated. HELP
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    I had this problem and I fixed it by hitting "Update Feeds". (tap top left corner and it's in the drop-down menu.)
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    I kept having the same problem after my phone updated. I couldn't even get the Homebrew List to come up. I did the stupid thing and uninstalled both and started over from scratch because I'm not all that tech savvy. However, how do we fix this in the future?????
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    I had the same problem at first but just kept trying. Eventually (after about 3 tries for each patch) it would just work. I also did the update feeds thing, maybe that did the trick, who knows.
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    fwiw, some of the patches are no longer necessary - hence have not been updated. So, it depends what patches you are referring to...
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    I am having the same problem. All my patches are gone after the new update. When I use preware on my phone I get an error message. It tells me to check my IPKG log. When I check it it is empty. Any suggestions would help? Thanks

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