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    It is definitely the Multi-Mod patch. I had already erased it but actually had to reinstall it and then erase it again. Pulled the battery for a few minutes and now it works fine.
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    definitely the multi mod patch, thanks! is there gona be an update for the patch? i had it before 1.4 and it always worked perfectly for me. i definitely like the browser more with the options to stream or download files.
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    does anyone know what to do when neither preware or WOSQI will remove the MM patch?

    EDIT: visited the doctor. problem solved.
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    I had this issue last night. I had multimod. I had to visit the Dr.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesnowdog View Post
    As for preware, see to get it working again.
    The instructions in that post did the trick, I am once again able to access Preware!!
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