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    Now that we have had a chance to use 1.4 for a little while, has anyone noticed that their apps fail to load after launching them? In particular, I have seen the phone app and the messaging app get stuck on the glowing splash card forever and never actually load. A quick swipe away and relaunch usually gets the app going just fine. But still, if these lame splash card animations are actually affecting usability, I find that unacceptable. And all they were really meant to do is give you something to stare at while the app loads so that your mind "thinks" the phone is actually loading apps faster.

    Anyone else seeing this?
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    Yes - same issue here
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    I have had the phone app hang on me a couple of times so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gpfountz View Post
    Yes - same issue here
    same.. i think is a server issue today
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    I have had the phone app hang on me about 3 times so far, as well. Have wondered about this, as well. Same experience ... a swipe to remove and a relaunch works.
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    sigh. I welcome the great new features of 1.4 but sometimes a few things take a step backwards. Frustrating... I guess every smartphone has these issues. The more complex and feature-filled, the more chance of little things going wrong.

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