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    Would love to know since I returned my phone. My biggest issues were battery life and the gps issue. Looks like battery life was fixed.
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    can anyone confirm?
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    I don't think so. Sometimes to get my GPS to work I have to go to "Device Info->Interactive Test->GPS Receiver" and then Google Maps will lock in on my location.

    I was outside this morning and Google Maps didn't update my location for a good 5 minutes, I ran the GPS test as described above, and then it had me locked in good for the rest of the time. This was the same behavior (for me) that existed in

    I always keep Google Services turned off. I'd rather have no location info than inaccurate location info.
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    Thanks for the reply. If this is true, I can truly see why Palm is in trouble. This is a main feature of every phone. Palm and Verizon had plenty of time to figure this one out. I'm disappointed as I was going to try the pre again if this was fixed.
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    I'll try one more time. I really want to try the PRE again but I need to know for sure if the GPS is fixed in the palm pre plus with Verizon. Now that the update has been out for 2 days, someone must be able to tell me for sure.

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    It's actually been worse for my phone placing me anywhere from 2-3 miles away from my actual location. My time with this phone is done.
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    Who has GPS that is reliable? Sprint or Verizon?
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    My droid eris places me exactly in the right location within 2 seconds. The pre should do the same but it seems as if the bug is still present.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterules View Post
    Who has GPS that is reliable? Sprint or Verizon?
    Hit or miss I guess. Sometimes the GPS on my Iphone 3Gs is not accurate at all. And at other times it is accurate. My experience in testing the Pre Plus on Verizon for a month is that for ME, the GPS was accurate the majority of the time. But again, there were moments when it missed. That's the nature of GPS. It can be inaccurate at certain moments.

    Disclaimer: on the Pre Plus and on the Iphone 3Gs I've used Google Maps, Where and the Weather Channel app for GPS usage. On a side note, I like the Weather Channel app on WebOs better than the Iphone b/c I could easily change my location by pressing the magnifying glass and it would find me. On the Weather Channel app for the Iphone I can't do that. I have to enter my location as a new one if I want weather info for wherever I'm at.
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    I don't use it that often but I've never had a problem with sprint navigator. It shows the names of the roads of the intersections as you cross them and it's never been wrong. I'll have to try it out again now that 1.4 is out. I don't care for google maps. The where app always finds me also.
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    the bug is DEFINITELY not fixed. It's extremely frustrating for this to be the case. Does anyone have any ideas of what we should do? Call Palm? Throw rocks at Verizon stores?
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    My gps works fine on my pre plus. It has from the day I got it and even after the update to 1.4 it's been fine. Now if I'm indoors, it doesn't lock on exactly, but thats understandable.
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    i am confirming that the gps fix problem in the vz pre+ is not fixed. it behaves the same as in
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterules View Post
    Who has GPS that is reliable? Sprint or Verizon?
    Sprint. Never had a problem with the standard Pre, would lock even indoors. Pre Plus on VZW definitely has GPS issues.

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