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    Apologies, I have asked this question elsewhere, but it is lost in the middle of another thread..

    I have a UK GSM Pre and using Rebel Sim Card on the 3 network. I upgraded to 1.4 yesterday.. doesn't work with RSC.. so downgraded back to But now it has gone into nag mode, asking me to upgrade to 1.4 either now or later. If I select later, I get a permanent notification icon and it tells me it will upgrade on the next charge. I don't want to upgrade to 1.4 until there is maybe an RSC firmware fix.

    I think I brought this on myself, I think I stupidly selected check for updates and it went ahead and downloaded 1.4 and so now it wants to install the thing. So, simple question..

    Question: Can I delete the 1.4 update file from somewhere in the pre directiories and hopefully stop the nags? I don't know where to look. Thanks.
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    Thanks snowdog, I think this gets me part way there, but hasn't solved my problem. The link you found will stop it searching for updates from now on I believe. But as I already have a downloaded update file (somewhere) it is still nagging me.

    Does someone know where the update file is downloaded to please?

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