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    scratch that, who the heck knows what but I think it's on it's way to reinstalling 1351. Guess well see.....1.4 has been nothing but a big pain in my *ss, sure wasn't worth my losses so far!!

    UPDATE - for some one who cares

    1351 is back WAHOO!!!!!

    so is my tethering DOUBLE WAHOO!
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    I was gonna stick with 1.2.1, but in my blind nOOb haste ended up apparently to 1.4 and now don't have a phone to use...
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    bump now that the 800mhz patch is out. anyone reverting to
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    ^^^wont say I'm not tempted
    but its whatever to me. i happen to like 1.4 so....

    and i figure the 1.4 kernel will be released soonish anyways.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81 View Post
    bump now that the 800mhz patch is out. anyone reverting to
    I tested the 800mhz patch, amazing stuff!! But 600mhz is out for 1.4 which is more than enough for me without having to give up video recording. I also did have precorder with 1.3.5 BUT that was not nearly as useful.

    And I do find the splash screen kinda cool even though im not completely used to it yet. Cant wait for 800 mhz patch to be released for 1.4!!!

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    I'm back on 800 mhz, MHS working and no anoying splash screen. I'm living the fast life.
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    I can't understand why you wouldn't want 1.4??!!?? My Pre is running perfectly after doing a fresh 1.4 doctor and I even have about 50 patches installed. I love the new UI changes they implemented also!
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    Reasonably happy with 1.4 thusfar. Hopefully they will come out with a "minor" update to fix some of the little problems.
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    I tried 1.4 for a day & liked the look of it but then found out about the compatibility issue with the rebel sim so had to revert back to 1351.
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