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    after update to webOS 1.4, my O2 QWERTY Pre is in the Always roaming state. Everyting including data and voice works fine but I'd really like the "R" icon to disappear so I can disable the Data roaming setting.

    I've tried to plug my Rebel SIM II to some old phones like Nokia 7110, 6310i, 3650, 7250 and 3315 but I cannot find the Rebel Menu anywhere. Where should it be located? At the position where is usually the SIM toolkit application?

    I'd like to change the unlock mode but I don't know how since I can't get to the Rebel menu.
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    Stick with roaming for now, and see the other 1.4 thread.
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    Well...I have to since I cannot find the menu Some guys in the thread are getting the 3G w/o roaming working even with 1.4 and RSC so I wanted to give it a shot.

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