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    After the 1.4 update, my browser no longer works. If I open the browser and select one of my bookmarks, the title at the top of the page displays the proper URL, but the screen stays at the bookmarks page. I also have ESPN as a quick launch Item, if I select that a browser card opens, but it is only a white screen with the URL at the top (no back or refresh buttons are shown either). I know I have other data functions over wifi and 3G because Youtube App, App Catalog, Preware, Twee Free, Friends Flow, etc ALL work fine. Just the broswer does not want to open any pages. Have rebooted twice with no different outcome. Anyone have any help?
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    Forgot to mention one thing..... I had installed the Browser Multi Mod patch. Apparently that was the problem. I have uninstalled the patch and all is well. I'll leave this thread here so the answer is easier to find for others. (instead of buried on pg. 800 of the 1.4 issues thread)

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