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    That indeed sounds like a bug. Only question I have before putting it in the Wiki: what is the setup for manual settings?

    When I change from tmobile to vodafone, a second set of manual settings is automatically introduced when manual is on. So the original settings for tmobile are not used in the vodafone case.
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    Dont know if its related but before christmas I had trouble with data connection. Somehow it just wouldnt work after being left unused for a while. I had to switch to aeroplane mode and back again for it to start working again, only to have it stall later on.

    As the original database settings seemed correct I tried putting them into the manual settings and it worked fine. Same settings, one worked the other didnt.

    Since I no longer use manual settings and it have functioned properly without them too. Maybe our devices have a mood, perhaps yours aint happy with asian climate and longs back to the dutch winter?

    Just had a strange and probably stupid idea but perhaps Palm and the Viatnamese operator you are roaming on are getting their NL T-Mobile settings from the same place ie both are faulty. So the viatnamese operator expects them to be as the original faulty ones and wont work with the new one you put into the carriernetworksettings.db3?
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