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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Rod, I wasn't referring to you or webos-internals. I was referring to the fact Shadow360 wasn't getting any response from other users in this thread.
    Thanks .

    And yeah i guess they weren't really listening, but as Rod stated, other applications have been known to trigger the bug to, so i guess its a waiting game for Palm to fix this annoying issue, he did state 1.4.1 was on the horizon, so we shall see.
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    After turning off developer mode, no random reset during the day. may be happy (?)
    Palm Prē + Touchstone + iGrip PerfektFit...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-360 View Post
    1.4.1 was on the horizon, so we shall see.
    Are there already some official infos about this update somewhere?
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    Just for the record, I have the same issues as the OP. Came to PreCentral looking to see if this issue was common and it appears it is. Hopefully a new bug fix release is on the way.

    Edit: I just realized this thread is in the GSM Pre forum and I don't have a GSM Pre. I have a CDMA Pre with Sprint in the U.S., so it appears this bug is bigger than GSM.
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    Just wanted to throw my name on the list of people affected by this bug. I get the occasional lock screen error reported by the OP. Occasionally, I put my phone on the touchstone and it starts to reboot. I thought this was related to Brightness Unlinked, but after uninstall, the problem remains. I am not too thrilled by the latest webOS update. (I have Pre on Sprint)
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    +1 here for me. I have it running in Dev mode though and of couse been running PreWare and Package Manager Service. I didnt bother removing them since I saw other people who didnt have them have the same issues.
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    I'm getting the exact same symptoms on my O2 GSM Pre, but noticed that this thread stopped around middle of March. Has this been resolved?


    I'm using the latest preware and webosquickinstall as of 6/3/10.

    Thanks in advance!
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