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    Now that both Sprint and Verizon are running 1.4 how amazing would be if we seen the flash beta hit the app catalog tomorrow?

    Not trying to get nothing stirred up but just dreaming of a weekend palm users would never forget lol.
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    probably monday, I never seen apps hit on sundays. But who knows.
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    Was wondering if there were app releases on Sunday, before I started this thread lol.
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    For the past few weeks there have been some apps released on Sunday. Here's hoping!
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    I say the beta coming out within the week is 50-50 at best. Just my optimistic opinion though.
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    Adobe is being very tight lipped on a release date, saying only "first half of 2010". Your best bet is to set a calendar alert for June 25th and find some other way keep yourself busy til then.
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    They seem to be excluding more devices by the day. This doesn't bode well for a relatively small player like Palm. You can bet Android 2.1 will see this before we do, i wish it wasn't true.

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