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    Hey , Can any of you tech guys help me out here

    Im a UK Pre user , I was updating my webOS to v1.4 yesterday ,
    I downloaded the software fine , and it was installing the screen went black , only the bacckground light was on . At first i thought it was rebooting or something so i left it , Half an hour went by and i was beginging to get worried , anyway the battery ran out in the end , so when i got home i charged it up switched it on , and now my phone wont load anywhere past the Palm logo right at the very begining.

    Ive tried running WebOS Doctor , ive run it twice , but it still just stays sat on the Palm Logo Screen

    Any ideas or fixes to this problem ?
    Or has anyone else experianced this ?
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    did you run actually run webos dr? And did you take the battey out?
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    wow, I would throw it in boot loader mode, and try again
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    Try this:

    1) Power the device off (Remove battery)
    2) Put battery back in the device
    3) Connect the USB cable between your computer and Pre
    4) Hold down the volume UP key and press the power button once
    5) Once you see the USB symbol, let go of the volume up key
    6) Run WebOS Doctor

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